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  • Nemours® Child Nutrition Kit
    Nemours® Child Nutrition Kit
    • Item Number: 34245
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. From the store to home cooking, assist your little's in the development of healthy habits! Teach healthy shopping habits with the help of the Fruit & Veggie Tote and the concept of serving and sharing with the pretend salad set. The tote is made of durable canvas and each of the fruits and vegetables are made of non-toxic plastic. The pretend salad set contains tongs sized perfectly for children ideal for the development of fine motor skills. The act of serving will strengthen… More »
  • Nemours® Physical Activity Kit
    Nemours® Physical Activity Kit
    • Item Number: 34246
    • In Stock
    Let's get active! With this diverse set of activity equipment, the games and adventures are endless. The hand pump and needle set are perfect for insuring your multicolored and numbered playground balls never fall flat. The multicolored flying bean bags make even the simplest game of catch more exciting. Finishing out the set are the 9" multicolored sports circles. These are best to be used on non-skid surfaces and are ideal for bases in a game of T-ball or teaching "personal space".… More »
  • The Nutrition Activity Kit
    The Nutrition Activity Kit
    • Item Number: 28118
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Learn all about proper nutrition with this Nutritional Food Activity Kit. Kit can also be used to learn counting, colors, pretend play, and more. The learning and dramatic play possibilities are endless! Included: 3 Double-sided activity cards, 5 sorting baskets with a mixture of 25 color coordinated, and a Self-contained storage case.
  • Nemours® BrightStart! A Parent's Guide to Reading Readiness (Set of 20)
    Nemours® BrightStart! A Parent's Guide to Reading Readiness (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 29049P
    • In Stock
    Learning to read is one of the major milestones in a child's life, and it's one that parents worry about. This guide gives parents information on how to support their child on his or her reading journey. Now parents of children, aged three to five years old, have the power to ensure their child becomes a successful reader. Available in English and Spanish. Set of 20 guides.
  • Nemours® BrightStart! Milestone Map (Set of 20)
    Nemours® BrightStart! Milestone Map (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 26662P
    • In Stock
    This full-color illustrated poster addresses parents' and teachers' concerns about children's reading readiness and progress. Includes milestones and warning signs indicating that children might be at risk for reading challenges from birth through age six. By tracking children with this simple map, parents can be sure their children are keeping up with their peers, and intercede if they begin to notice warning signs. Available in English and Spanish. Set of 20 maps.
  • Nemours® Family Style Dining
    Nemours® Family Style Dining
    • Item Number: 34247
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    2 years & up. Who knew the family style dining experience could be so positive for young minds? With this set, your young child will be able to practice pouring liquids and using tongs, improving their fine motor skills, balance, and confidence. When the play and practice begin to be too tiring, jump into the storybook, Mama's Milk, to learn how bonds are formed between mama animals and their babies. Includes 13 pieces.

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