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  • Common Core Resource Kits
    Common Core Resource Kits
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    Grades K - 5. Each Common Core set offers complete grade-specific resources to teach to the Common Core State Standards. Each set contains the original Complete Common Core State Standards Kit, which includes two-sided cards with the standards on one side and the corresponding "I Can" statement on the other; the Daily Standards Pocket Chart to efficiently display the standards in the classroom; and Common Core-aligned workbooks for language arts and math. Each age-appropriate set also… More »
  • ALL ABOUT Growing & Developing for Preschoolers Classroom Support Kit
    ALL ABOUT Growing & Developing for Preschoolers Classroom Support Kit
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    This kit was designed to support teachers and provide them with creative ideas that will help build a successful classroom environment. Includes a teacher manual, photo cards (150), CD, 12 domain area posters, Development Accomplishment Chart for 37-72 months, Let's Talk Photo Books (6) and a storage container.
  • Character Education Units (Set of 7)
    Character Education Units (Set of 7)
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    Grades K - 5. The qualities of good character are timeless and important in developing good citizens within our schools. This character education package includes units on charity, citizenship, deployment, honesty, kindness, self-esteem, and sharing. Each unit provides a month's worth of interactive lessons that incorporate language arts, mathematics, and creative arts. Lessons also integrate fiction and non-fiction children's books. Units encourage self-expression and are ideal for guidance time… More »
  • Five Strands of Math
    Five Strands of Math
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    PreK - Grade 8. Enhance your student's learning experience with highly compelling and engaging Digital Lesson Plans. Both English and Spanish content. Each ready-made core curriculum lesson plan for Math contains Printable Task and drills, images, math tools, Memory Match Game, Board Game and Spinner Game. 400 screen pages. Compatible with PC, Mac, and Notebook.
  • Applying Differentiation Strategies 2nd Edition (K-2)
    Applying Differentiation Strategies 2nd Edition (K-2)
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    Grades K - 2. This newly updated resource will teach how to differentiate lessons through content, process, and product in order to effectively accomodate all learning levels and styles of learning. Instructional strategies include: Choices, Inquiry-Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Questioning, Sellf-Paced Strategies, and Tiered Assignments. All strategies are anchored in extensive research on the importance of differentiation and addressing a variety of learning styles. Includes sample lessons… More »
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