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Tossing & Throwing

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Image of Constellation Ball
Constellation Ball
Item: 32876
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Promote gross motor functions, exploration, and sensory play with the Constellation Ball. Encourage children to roll the ball back and forth between each other and listen to the soft sound of the plastic confetti inside. Ships deflated and includes inflation needle. Measures approximately 12" in diameter.
Image of Kaplan Gross Motor Skills Kit
Kaplan Gross Motor Skills Kit
Item: 12395
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Take the fun outside with this exciting gross motor kit. This kit includes 12 sturdy 24 inch hoops, 6 rubber playground balls, 6 rhythm ribbons, 6 super 8' speed ropes,10 numbered bean bags, 4 sidewalk chalks, 8 juggling balls and 5 foam sport balls. Children can play soccer, kickball, football, beanbag toss, and more! This kit promotes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, math skills, creativity, and collaborative play. Activity… More »
Image of Alphabet Beanbags - Set of 26
Alphabet Beanbags - Set of 26
Item: 91073
Status: In Stock
All ages. Create an active learning experience with these alphabet beanbags! This durable set includes 26 generously sized vinyl beanbags with both uppercase and lowercase letters in 6 different colors. These alphabet beanbags are ideal for developing fine motor skills and learning through throwing and catching. Make learning the alphabet fun by creating an exciting game for children using beanbags.
Image of Ring Toss Game
Ring Toss Game
Item: 19843
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Try to pitch the rings through the pegs to earn a high score! This Ring Toss Game features a sturdy, wooden base with five pegs and labeled numbers for scorekeeping along with rings to toss. Playing this classic game of ring toss supports the development of hand-eye coordination, precision, and accuracy. Test your skills in solo play or incorporate some friendly competition to your game. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play. Included: Pegged Base and 4 Plastic Rings.
Image of Easy Grip Textured Balls - Set of 4
Easy Grip Textured Balls - Set of 4
Item: 32877
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Rubber balls with a honeycomb pattern surface which aids grip. Set includes one each of red, green, blue and yellow. Improves hand-eye coordination and ball skills. Supports collaborative and sensory play and development of gross motor skills. Ships deflated and includes inflation needle. Great for individual play or group activities. Each ball measures approximately 10" in diameter.
Image of Meadow Ring Toss Game
Meadow Ring Toss Game
Item: 62844
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Get active with this fun take on the classic ring toss game! The natural textures and a nature theme entice children to play. Encourages children to strengthen their coordination and balance skills. Features 6 rope rings with colored beads and 3 wooden posts of various heights. Place the posts close for beginner and spread them out for advanced play. Includes 9 pieces.
Image of Playground Balls - Set of 5
Playground Balls - Set of 5
Item: 200214
Status: In Stock
Improve throwing and catching skills with these durable, 2-ply, all-rubber playground balls. One each in the following sizes: 7", 8.5", 13", and 16".
Image of Smart Toss
Smart Toss
Item: 63616
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. This versatile toss board has 4 games in 1. Invite players to either create their own game or match colors, shapes or numbers by tossing beanbags through holes. Hook-and-loop fasteners make it quick and easy to set up and change games. Includes 12 beanbags, game board with storage pockets and carry handle, and activity guide. Game board measures 24"L x 19"W x 12"H.
Image of Physical Development Kit for Preschool
Physical Development Kit for Preschool
Item: 63056
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The hands-on exploratory nature of studies in the classroom taps into children's natural curiosity, resulting in a learning environment that is both fun and intentional. This Physical Development Kit offers a wide range of tools and materials to support and encourage children's gross motor skills and abilities. Kit includes: 6 Jump Ropes, 6 Cones, Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, 7" Playground Ball, 10" Playground Ball, 13" Playground Ball, Sports Ball Bag, 2 Hand… More »
Image of Track and Field Kit - 24 Pieces
Track and Field Kit - 24 Pieces
Item: 63020
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. These track and field activities are sure to get children excited while enriching gross motor development. Builds coordination, balance, muscle strength, and control. Kit includes 6-8"H Return-To-Right hurdles, foam discus set, baton set, and foam shot put set.
Image of Bilingual Number Beanbags - Set of 10
Bilingual Number Beanbags - Set of 10
Item: 46494
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
All ages. Teach your children to count in English and Spanish with these durable beanbags. This set of beanbags is great for combining gross motor skills and language skills. Encourage your children to identify the colors of the bag and the numbers featured. Includes 10 beanbags from 1 to 10 in 8 colors. Measures 4"L x 4"W.