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30 Piece Classic Bucket of Vehicles

30 Piece Classic Bucket of Vehicles
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12 months & up. Get ready to roll with cars, trucks, planes, boats, helicopters, and construction vehicles in bold primary colors! Wheels roll, propellers spin! Includes clear storage pail with 30 various vehicles, approximately 3"L. These toys are dishwasher safe and have no sharp edges. The boats float for fun water play and the cars roll across the floor without making any noise or leaving any marks.

Ratings & Reviews

Works well but to expensive

2 stars
This works well but the pieces are $2 a piece and I feel like it is 4 times to expensive.

So many uses!

4 stars
These vehicles are a great investment. Not only are they fun and colorful, but you can use them in a variety of ways. They're great on the floor, in water, in the sand box, even in paint (to see the marks the wheels make) because they're solid (no little cracks) and easy to clean (wipe 'em off with a cloth or soak 'em in some water). A well-loved product.


3 stars
I have some that already got broke.They need to made sturdier for littlekids. As they are hard on toys.
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