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All About the ITERS-3

All About the ITERS-3
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Use All About the ITERS-3™ to answer your questions about the third edition of this comprehensive assessment tool. All About the ITERS-3 ™ is organized to match the ITERS-3™ by subscale, item, and indicator. Each section offers clear explanations of how to interpret each item and indicator on the scale, along with photographs of real-world settings. All About the ITERS-3™ will help you use the ITERS-3™ to accurately assess your infant/toddler environment in the areas of space and furnishings, personal care routines, language and books, activities, and interaction, as well as program structure.

Debby Cryer, PhD, a retired scientist at the Frank Porter Graham (FPG) Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), is cofounder of the Environment Rating Scales Institute (ERSI®). Dr. Cryer has extensive experience assessing early childhood programs in varied settings. She is an author of a variety of resources for early childhood professionals, including the ECERS-3™, FCCERS-3™, and ITERS-3™.

Cathy Riley has more than 30 years’ experience in using the environment rating scales as a lead trainer, including her work at FPG and the UNC School of Public Health. She has served as a reliability anchor and data collector with projects using early childhood assessment instruments and child outcome measurements. Cathy is coauthor of the widely used All about the ECERS-3™ and All About the ITERS-R™, as well as All About Preschoolers, an environment-based curriculum. She is a partner with ERSI®.

Tracy Link has more than 22 years’ experience in using the environment rating scales as a classroom teacher and as a lead trainer at UNC-CH and FPG. She has served as a data collector with evaluation projects, a guest lecturer and clinical instructor for the UNC School of Education, and a presenter at national and international conferences. Tracy is coauthor of All About Preschoolers and All About the ECERS-3™ and is a partner with ERSI®.

Vanessa McCullough, MS, CCC-SLP, is a certified speech-language pathologist. She has more than 10 years’ experience working with a variety of early childhood programs, with an emphasis on early speech and language development. She has extensive experience using the environment rating scales, including her work at FPG and serving as a reliability anchor and trainer. She is coauthor of All About Preschoolers and is a consultant with ERSI®.


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It’s finally here! I’m so happy there’s an All About ITERS-3 now to help with scoring, clarification, and coaching.

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Easy to order and quick delivery. Book is helpful in understanding the assessment details.

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