SpinAgain Stacking Toy

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12 months & up. Instill a sense of wonder into children as they see this toy twirl and spin! Drop the vibrantly colored discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and watch children's eyes widen as the shapes spin and wobble. For more stable stacking, simply flip the reversible base over. Each disc is dual-colored, solid, and BPA-free. This visually stimulating toy encourages hand-eye coordination and baby engineering skills. It's colorful stacking like you have never seen before! Measures 16" tall.


  • 6 eye-catching discs
  • 1 reversible wobble base
  • 1 corkscrew pole

The spinning toy

5 stars
I have this toy in my classroom the children from six months to 4 years old just love it. The spining as the peices go down the pole .I wish i had more of them. We take it out and everyone wants it.So what we do show them how to share .Each child gets one to put on. They also learn their colors as they get older . When they are under a year old they pinch and grasp them as the try to put it on pole.