Faith-Based Rugs and Carpets by Kaplan Early Learning Company

Faith-Based Rugs & Carpets

At Kaplan Early Learning Company, we are proud to support faith-based learning centers and schools with a variety of products and resources that prepare children for lifelong learning success.

The items in your center or school play a large roll in creating an inspirational learning environment. Celebrate your faith by incorporating décor that reflects your community's values. We offer a selection of faith-based carpets and rugs to help you incorporate your center or school's faith into every early childhood classroom. These cheerful and inspirational rugs illustrate familiar religious stories and settings (Noah's ark, the Garden of Eden, etc.), Bible verses (John 3:16, Psalms 147:4-5, and more), and important messages (God Is Love, Always Be Joyful, etc.) for young children. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our story time and circle time rugs are the perfect place to gather for group activities and are sure to become the focal point of the classroom. Children will enjoy learning the alphabet and other important literacy skills while also being reminded of God's love.

For tips on choosing the right rug for your classroom, giving your faith-based after school program a competitive advantage, and more, be sure to check out our Insights & Inspirations section. You'll find classroom management tips, ideas to support all learners, and guides to current education all at your fingertips.

We are committed to supporting the early childhood community in bringing high-quality learning environments to children and families. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local representative.



Creating a Faith-Based Learning Environment for Children

Creating a Faith-Based Learning Environment for Children

Creating a calm, safe learning environment is essential to children's overall growth and development. The colors you use, the furniture and décor you choose, and the educational materials you provide will all influence how children learn in the space. More…
Faith-Based After School Programs

Giving Your Faith-Based After School Care Program a Competitive Advantage

As an after school care director, you're always trying to give your program a competitive advantage. Whether it's through unique services and activities or working with your employees to develop great relationships with children's parents, distinguishing your after school program from other local programs will ultimately help your program be successful. More…
Making Preschool Operations More Efficient

Making Preschool Operations More Efficient with Processes and Procedures

Developing good business processes is a key component to having efficient operations in any preschool. For faith-based preschools, well-documented procedures are even more important, because they ensure that the ministry's vision is clear and implemented correctly. More…
Taking Time to Train Your Preschool Staff

Taking Time to Train Your Preschool Staff

Effectively and efficiently training employees can have a major impact on your program's success and its reputation in the community. Despite the importance of staff training, it often gets treated as a "nice to have" instead of a "must-have" in many preschools. More…
Choosing an Educational Carpet or Rug

Choosing the Right Carpet or Rug for Your Space

Educational carpets and area rugs can help brighten your classroom or child care center and make the space more welcoming and comfortable to children. More…
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