"When I Grow Up..." STEM Kits

When I Grow Up STEM KitsThe "When I Grow Up..." STEM series engages children in a creative, project-based approach to learning. These kits include numerous materials that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking. Challenge and Literacy Cards are included in each kit along with the essential components to provide opportunities for child-guided play and learning within three different professions.

When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist
When I Grow Up STEM Series Archaeologist
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3 years & up. This complete archaeologist STEM kit offers over 40 archaeologist materials including tools, artifacts, and uniform, including a safari hat (measures 4.5"H x 10.95"W x 9.90"L). Children can step into the role of scientist when they participate in a small scale dig using the shovel and rake to find items such as bones, plate pieces, and fossils. The grid and grid numbers help children as they chart and record the items into the artifact journal. Continue the journey… More »