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Pre-K & Kindergarten Letters alive® and Math alive® Journals
Pre-K & Kindergarten Letters alive® and Math alive® Journals
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3 - 6 years. Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Animals will come alive in 3D on your tablet or smartphone with these activity books and a free mobile app! One "My Letters alive® Journal" and one "My Math alive® Journal" are included. Available as a Pre-K or Kindergarten set.
Picoo - Set of 12
Picoo - Set of 12
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Welcome to Picoo! Hand held controllers you can play with indoors or out. Picoo is unique in that it promotes physical activity and social interaction among children. Children can use technology while interacting with their friends. And best of all, there is no screen. Picoo�s 15 games are fun and easy to play. Picco takes classic childhood games and gives them a modern twist. Each controller has lights, sounds, and vibrations. Picoo simplifies classroom management by choosing teams for you, facilitating… More »