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Translucent Indoor/Outdoor Chute & Stands
Translucent Indoor/Outdoor Chute & Stands
Item: 34516P
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$59.95 - $185.95
2 years & up. This set of plastic water channels, in two sizes, and Chute Stands are perfect for a hands-on play experience! Transparent channels allow children to experiment with gravity as they watch materials move from one channel to the next. Children will learn about cause and effect of as they experiment with different positions and angels. Use with the STEM Chute Stands Set for even more possibilities. The 3 stands are made of powder-coated steel and are designed with a rounded base for… More »
Little Pavers
Little Pavers
Item: 35496
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
2 years & up. Increase the authenticity of your child's open-ended building experience with these weighted Little Pavers - 60 piece set. Children 2 and up will incorporate these hexagonal miniature pavers into unique architectural builds while stacking, creating patterns and using natural, loose parts. The matte surface texture supports indoor and outdoor play. Set includes 10 double-sided concept cards that serve as creative inspiration to further the hands-on buildling experience. Use with… More »