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Mommy & Me Animal Matching Game - 29 Pairs
Mommy & Me Animal Matching Game - 29 Pairs
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18 months & up. Encourage children to answer questions, match items, and play a memory game with this Mommy & Me Matching Game. With this realistic photo set of round cards, children will soon be able to recognize which babies go with which mothers as they match these cards to each other. For extra learning have children identify the animals that might live in the same area. This set includes Farm, Safari, and American Wildlife animals. Includes 58 cards for 29 matching sets.
Expressions and Emotions Matching Game
Expressions and Emotions Matching Game
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18 months & up.. Help children build upon their social and emotional growth with this Expressions and Emotions Matching Game. This exciting game helps children develop vocabulary as they identify, describe, and become familiar with emotions. Have children look over each facial expression and call out the emotions they think the person is conveying. For extra fun have children match the pieces before identifying the emotions. This game is great for a small group or individual play. Set contains 64 cards (32 sets).