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Image of Measurement School Readiness Math Toolbox
Measurement School Readiness Math Toolbox
Item: 63191
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Children will be introduced to math concepts such as length, volume, weight, distance, and temperature with the materials and activities in this toolbox. Children will engage in hands-on math activities encouraged by eight activity card(s), road ruler, tape measure, and a set of manipulatives that incorporate all the listed math skills and more.
Image of Growth Chart - 4'H x 8.5"W
Growth Chart - 4'H x 8.5"W
Item: 90160
Status: In Stock
This colorful growth chart allows children to keep track of their growth and see how tall they are while encouraging them to feel a sense of pride and esteem. The colorful presence of the chart makes it the perfect addition to any classroom wall decor for the entirety of the year. Sturdy and protected classroom chart is generously sized at 4'H x 8.5"W.
Image of Wooden Block Balance Scale
Wooden Block Balance Scale
Item: 63232
Status: In Stock
This 17-piece Wooden Block Balance set provides a hands-on STEM experience featuring cubes, rectangles and notched squares to creatively stack on the curved balance board. Explore and experiment by arranging the blocks on each side of the board to evenly distribute weight to achieve a balanced result. Children will develop STEM-based skills such as spatial sense, estimation, reasoning, probability, and the concepts of none, more, less, most, smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest. Included: Balance… More »
Image of Back to Back Learning Kit - Measuring
Back to Back Learning Kit - Measuring
Item: 62059
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Explore the tools and vocabulary of measurement that are all around us. Learning the broad concepts of measurement, volume, and size will provide your child with a knowledgeable advantage in math. With this kit and the related activities, your child will practice measuring with standard units (feet, inches) and non-standard units (foot, unit cubes). Children will use the language of measurement while developing an understanding of spatial and size relationships. Includes hands-on… More »
Image of Outdoor Scale
Outdoor Scale
Item: 63766
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Transform outdoor learning by bringing your STEM and math lessons outside. The Outdoor Scale is made from eco-friendly, sustainable eucalyptus wood. Perfect for the outdoor classroom! Scale measures 52"L x 31.5"W x 25.5"H. Translucent buckets are included and color may vary.