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Scrabble® Boggle® Game
Scrabble® Boggle® Game
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8 years & up. With three ways to play, this Scrabble® version of the classic Boggle® game will become a family favorite. The object of the game is to find as many words as possible on the 4x4 letter grid before the sand timer runs out. You have three minutes to search out as many words as you can see spelled out on the cubes. The longer the word the higher the score. Includes 1 Boggle® grid base and lid, 16 letter cubes and 1 sand timer. For one or more players.
Alphabet Bingo Matching Letter Recognition Kid's Learning Game
Alphabet Bingo Matching Letter Recognition Kid's Learning Game
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3 years & up. Engage young minds and inspire literacy explorations with Alphabet Bingo! Combining learning with fun, this hands-on alphabet game reinforces early literacy concepts, like letter recognition and letter sounds, through play. Young learners will love playing this game with classmates while supporting their own reading and writing development. Perfect for up to 20 players, this game is perfect for the entire classroom community! Alphabet Bingo includes bingo tokens and 26 calling cards featuring real images.