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Rattles & Teethers

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Image of Infant Colorful Wrist Rattles - Set of 6
Infant Colorful Wrist Rattles - Set of 6
Item: 81040
Status: In Stock
Birth & up. Brighten your infants' world with these lively crafted rattles. Simply stretch the band and attach to infant's wrist or ankle and they can rattle away. Each rattle is made to be machine washable for easy clean up. Encourage sensory exploration. Includes ladybug, pig, frog, dog, cow, and butterfly themed rattles.
Image of Baby's Exploration Activity Set
Baby's Exploration Activity Set
Item: 31259
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Captivate babies with a whole world of possibilities�right at their fingertips! This Exploration Activity Set includes a wide variety of shapes and objects that will satisfy a baby�s need for sensory exploration, strengthen their fine-motor skills, and encourage them to crawl. Adults can also participate by placing objects near the baby or modeling appropriate play patterns. Contents may vary.
Image of Garden Party Activity Set - Set of 4
Garden Party Activity Set - Set of 4
Item: 32284
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Engaging and enriching, this activity set will stimulate a baby's senses and grow with them. Each toy in this set is made for small hands to hold with ease. The red flower mirror encourages interaction and foster a child's imagination, while the sunflower rattle can be shook and enriches auditory learning. The smiley face twin rattles rotate around one another strengthening hand-eye coordination. The twist and play caterpillar rattle features 5 connected parts that rotate around… More »
Image of Grasp & Explore Rattle Set - Set of 5
Grasp & Explore Rattle Set - Set of 5
Item: 30881
Status: In Stock
3 months & up. Invite babies to explore the many activities found in this set of five rattles. Each one offering a different step to development, whether that is patterns to increase visual tracking, or a textured handle for strengthening the grasp reflex. Features include bright colors, spinning balls, black and white contrast, and easy grip handles. Styles and Colors will vary.
Image of Bolli Rattle Balls - Set of 3
Bolli Rattle Balls - Set of 3
Item: 33129
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
6 months & up. Squish and rattle--infants practice fine motor and coordination skills with sensory play. A rattle in the center of the ball engages children with noise and movement. This non-toxic, phthalate and BPA-free toy is both dishwasher and freezer safe. Set of 3 Bolli Rattle Balls. Colors may vary.