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DRAMATIC PLAY / Pretend Food

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  • International Foods - Pretend Groceries
    International Foods - Pretend Groceries
    • Item Number: 950151
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Set of 12 popular international foods expands dramatic play to include multi-ethnic items. Silk-screened retro illustrations on hard wood. Includes salsa, tortilla chips, fettuccini, matzo, stirfry vegetables, swiss cheese and more.
  • Fruit and Food Bags
    Fruit and Food Bags
    • Item Number: 39154
    • In Stock
    12 months and up. Durable food that adds to pretend play and enriches learning. These soft 5 color food bags are great for toddlers to learn colors, sorting and matching skills. Each bag can be resealed and is filled with 4 various pretend play fruits, vegetables and assorted foods that all match in color. Surface washable only.
  • Kaplan Pretend Foods Condiment Set
    Kaplan Pretend Foods Condiment Set
    • Item Number: 63107
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Every little chef will enjoy cooking with these solid wood kitchen condiments. Perfect for introducing simple cooking and pretend play. This polished wood set would fit well into any pretend kitchen set up. Each bottle has a removable, color-coordinated cap, encouraging the development of fine motor skills. Includes 5 condiments plus tray.
  • First Foods - Vegetables - Set of 6
    First Foods - Vegetables - Set of 6
    • Item Number: 45114
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Now toddlers can have their own play food, soft and durable for all levels of play. Each piece of food is covered in soft fabric over foam. The six-piece vegetable set includes a corn on the cob, a broccoli head, a tomato, a carrot, a fresh red pepper, and a potato. Each piece is surface wash only.
  • Grocery Store Play Food
    Grocery Store Play Food
    • Item Number: 84721
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Expand your kitchen with this 125-piece set of grocery store products, which includes an assortment of food, personal care products, and international foods. Twenty-four items are hand painted on safe, durable hard wood combined with 101 soft molded everyday foods. (Foods may vary slightly from those shown)
  • International Bread Set with Basket
    International Bread Set with Basket
    • Item Number: 40930
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy this pretend play bread set. Express similarities, differences, and cultural uniqueness with this selection of pretend breads. This bread set will fit add new cultural aspects to any dramatic play food set. Set includes basket and two of each item: twisted roll, bagel, croissant, pita, French bread slice, and dinner roll.

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