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Image of Who Was/Is Books-Set of 6
Who Was/Is Books-Set of 6
Item: 300349
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Grades 3 - 6. These well-written biographies and autobiographies tell the stories of noteworthy individuals in a variety of contexts. Each book highlights the life, contributions and accomplishments of the individual in a fun, engaging way. Fascinating details and black-and-white illustrations fill each story, along with side notes and a time line to enhance readers' understanding. Collection includes six, 112-page paperbacks.
Image of LMNO Peas
Item: 301407
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Ages 4 and up. Get ready to travel through the alphabet with a cheerful cast of busy little peas. There are a range of unique characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this richly illustrated picture book highlights a variety of interests, hobbies, and careers - each one themed to a letter of the alphabet. Adults, caregivers, and children alike will enjoy pouring over the detailed scenes while immersing themselves in the alphabet.
Image of I'll See You in Ijebu - Paperback
I'll See You in Ijebu - Paperback
Item: 301003
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4 years and up. A girl growing up in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria takes a trip to spend a week with her Muslim extended family in the countryside town of Ijebu to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Her days in Ijebu are filled with celebrations, traditions, and special time connecting with family. Breathtaking illustration and poetic writing draws the reader into the sensory experience of celebrating Eid in Nigeria, includes information about Nigeria and Eid al-Adha, recipe for Nigerian Puff Puff and more. 32 pages.
Image of Old Clothes for Dinner?! - Paperback
Old Clothes for Dinner?! - Paperback
Item: 301004
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4 years and up. Magaly enjoys the yummy Cuban food her abuela has been cooking since arriving from Havana. When Magaly's sweater goes missing, she discovers that Abuela is making ropa vieja for dinner. Old clothes for dinner? Magaly needs to hide the rest of her clothes before her family eats them up. Spanish vocabulary and two delicious recipes for ropa vieja and arroz con leche. 32 pages.
Image of Firefly Galaxy - Paperback
Firefly Galaxy - Paperback
Item: 300997
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Sofia and her siblings can barely wait for nightfall because they want to fill a jar with fireflies. Once Mars flickers and the owl begins to hoot, Sofia and her whole family venture out into the night to find and catch fireflies. All the while, the fireflies light up the sky like a glittering galaxy. Enjou this thoughtful story about engaging with nature in fun yet responsible ways. The book also includes informative end matter that tells readers how to find fireflies and protect their habitats. 32 pages.