Service & Workshop

Item: PL1107
Status: Ships From Manufacturer

Ages: 6 months - 4 years
Capacity: up to 8 children
Size: 3'11"W x 4'10"W x 4'H
Weight: 115 lbs.

Interactive Service and Workshop offers infants and toddlers a chance to have fun and explore. The structure can lend in support for raising, crawling, and walking around. The numerous play features motivate social play and supports child development.


  • Gear Wheels
    • Social-Emotional: Cooperation skills and turn-taking are supported when turning the gear wheel.
    • Cognitive: Cause-and-effect understanding and logical thinking are supported when turning the vertical gear to make the horizontal gear run.
  • Bell
    • Cognitive: Understanding cause-and-effect when ringing the bell.
    • Creative: Leaving a mark in creating a sound rhythm when ringing or knocking the bell.
  • Tumbler
    • Social-Emotional: Cooperation skills and turn-taking are supported when turning the tumbler from each side of the panel.
    • Cognitive: Cause-and-effect understanding for toddlers when spinning the tumbler.
  • Steering Wheel
    • Cognitive: The manipulative steering wheel stimulates cause-and-effect understanding and invites dramatic play which supports language and communication skills.
  • Microphone
    • Cognitive: Inspires dramatic play which stimulates language development. Cause-and-effect understanding is supported when discovering that the microphone can be shifted to different positions.
    • Creative: Positioning the microphone in different positions can support symbolic thinking.
  • Fuel Handle
    • Social-Emotional: Cooperation skills and turn-taking are supported when fueling vehicles for friends.
    • Cognitive: Dramatic play stimulates language development.
  • String with Knobs
    • Social-Emotional: Turn-taking and cooperation are supported when pulling the string from side to side with friends or caregiver.
    • Cognitive: An understanding of object permanence is supported when the knob disappears and reappears when pulled.
    • Creative: Leaving the knob in different positions can support symbolic and creative thinking.
  • Flap Door
    • Physical: Tactile stimulation from leaning the body through rubber doors.
    • Social-Emotional: Stimulates turn-taking.
    • Cognitive: Suggests a theme and supports dramatic play, which stimulates languages and communication skills.
  • Funnel
    • Social-Emotional: Trains cooperation and turn-taking as children put materials through.
    • Cognitive: The passing of materials through funnels supports the children’s logical thinking and for younger children the understanding of object permanence; that materials don’t vanish, but run through at the other end.
  • Pot
    • Cognitive: The pot can be removed, stimulating cause-and-effect understanding. Filling and emptying the pot stimulates logical thinking and the understanding of concepts such as empty and full.
    • Creative: Placing the pot in other areas of the play space in creative ways can support symbolic and creative thinking.

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