When I Grow Up STEM Series Civil Engineer

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Kaplan Exclusive
3 years & up. The Civil Engineer STEM kit offers hands-on learning experiences that encourage children to build, analyze, and revise multiple engineering projects and ideas. Bridge and building blueprints as well as fundamental materials are included that will encourage children to evaluate the efficiency of different building materials, create new concepts, and plan effective designs. Additional projects are suggested on the challenge cards as well as extended ideas, tips, and discussion topics on the literacy cards. Additional features are an engineering book and two song downloads.

Civil Engineers work on the infrastructure of cities. A Civil Engineer may design, build, and maintain public works and different buildings throughout a city. Public works include transportation, water treatment, government buildings, public facilities like airports and train stations, and other large scale building projects that benefit the public and community.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest jobs. Thousands of years ago, people began to create things to make life easier. They put a log over a creek, creating a bridge to cross. They put a roof on a house to keep out the rain. From the ancient pyramids built thousands of years ago to roads and tunnels that go underwater, Civil Engineers help improve our lives.

When Civil Engineers study and research projects, they look for the best materials and the best way to build. Then they help implement the construction.


  • Incline Block Ramp
  • Set of 6 Incline Ramp Textures
  • Set of 3 Wooden Cars
  • Mini Unit Brick Building Set
  • Bridge Blueprint
  • Skyscraper Blueprint
  • Blueprint Tube
  • Dry Erase Drawing Board
  • 6 Shape Rulers
  • Clip Board
  • Reflective Safety Vest
  • Hard Hat
  • Field Book
  • Activity Guide
  • Ten Challenge Cards
  • Three Literacy Cards
  • Amazing Structures: Skyscrapers
  • Song Download: Civil Engineer - When I Grow Up
  • Song Download: Build a Bridge

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Great idea, poorly executed

3 stars
The resources in this dramatic play kit are great, but it only has dress-up clothes for one child. Who puts ONE hat out in their dramatic play center?! The kit would be vastly improved by the addition of at least one more vest & hard hat (or, ideally, clothes for 4 children), for actual cooperative play. Alternatively, it would be great to be able to purchase an add-on pack of the costuming only in order to extend the play value and maximize the use of the cool learning tools in this kit. We love the quality--and especially the durability--of the dress-up clothes that we've purchased from Kaplan over the years.