Magnetic Building Shapes and Board - 54 Pieces

Magnetic Building Shapes and Board - 54 Pieces
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3 years & up. Children discover the properties of magnets while building with this unique 3-dimensional construction set that contains 54 pieces. The set includes an assortment of shapes featuring magnetic strips around the perimeter of foam pieces which stick together to defy gravity (circles are pop-in and not magnetized). Magnet play board is included.

not what I expected

1 stars
The pieces were small and even for 3/4 yr old to play they would get lost in a day. I still have not given them to a classroom because I was so disappointed.

information left out of description

2 stars
These are foam pieces with magnetic tape glued onto them. the "board" is a piece of foam with one magnetic side. This information should have been in the description, especially for people who stay away from foam due to its possible toxicity.

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