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Little Bug Walking Rope

Little Bug Walking Rope
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Kaplan Exclusive

Children hold the soft colorful bugs as they go walking on field trips or nature walks. It's a simple way to keep children together and safe. Features ten soft bug bodies with a cushioned grip and a handle on each side, totaling up to twenty handles. Walking Rope comes in a vinyl storage bag with zipper. Measures 13 1/2 feet long. Machine washable.

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Ratings & Reviews

little bug walking rope

November 12, 2012
By lily805
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Child Care Center
Age Infant/Toddler
I really like this walking rope because i take my daycare kids for walks almost everyday and they love it. Before the walking rope i just had the kids pair up with a partner but they would never stay together, and they would always try to go off the sidewalk. And now with the rope they enjoy having their own space and they stay in the line. It makes it funner for them and easier for me. The only thing i would of love to see different would be that there would be real bug shapes.

Great line keeper

September 28, 2011
By cbvteach
From Oak Ridge, TN
Role Early Childhood Teacher
Setting Preschool
Age Preschool
This is a great assest to our preschool class. We have several that would try to wander out of line even with a teacher in front of the line and a teacher in back of the line. The kids love to use the bug rope and insist that we use it when we sometimes forget to grab it.

Ok Walking Rope

June 28, 2011
By venuscad14
From Savannah, GA
Role Other
Setting Other
Age Preschool
I inherited this walking rope when I got on staff - previous staff had ordered a bunch. Every so often I have to replace some that have gotten worn. My big complaint is that they are SO expensive! That being said, the kids love them. We call them "Bug Ropes". They are easy to throw in the wash to clean them. Because we use them so much, the handles do eventually start to detach but we just sew them back on - I just figure it is regular wear and tear. I like that I can sew them back up so that we can keep reusing them.

Great for twos!

March 21, 2011
By lindamac
From Ft. Myers, FL
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Preschool
Age Preschool
Our "Lynnie the Line" (our name) is a staple in our 2 year old class...works great and the kids love it. Makes transitions to the playground so much easier!

Great tool!

February 25, 2011
From Boulder, CO
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Child Care Center
Age Preschool
We purchased this walking rope to use as part of our evacuation plan, and the staff LOVE it.
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