Rainbow Fraction® Tiles

Rainbow Fraction® Tiles
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6 years & up. Rainbow Fraction® tiles make understanding fractions easier. With these color-coded tiles, students can manipulate parts of a whole to see how they relate to each other. Students will begin to make mathematical connections when they see that red always equals 1, yellow equals 0.25 and so on. Included: 51 Rainbow Fraction® Tiles that depict wholes, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths, Plastic tray and 2 sheets of stickers, and a Teacher's guide.

Product Features

  • Visual, hands-on aid for teaching fractions
  • Introduce fraction concepts, parts to whole, equivalents, and comparisons
  • 51-piece set includes color-coded plastic tiles to depict wholes, halves, thirds, etc.
  • Features tray and activity guide
  • 6 years and up

Fractions Make Sense with These Tools

5 stars
My students like the bright colors, the easy shapes and sizes, and the large, clear digits. We can even use these for multiplication and division. Buy several sets.

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