Large Gel Writing Boards 8.5" x 7" - Set of 6

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Kaplan Elementary

It's magic! Just write and erase with the magic stylus and watch the writing disappear. No more messy clean-up! These large gel writing boards promote dexterity and fine motor skills. Use them over and over again to practice math skills, handwriting, spelling, and sight word practice or just doodling. Have all the fun of a dry erase board without erasers or the smell of the marker. Set of 6 boards and styluses. Made in the USA.

Quick and easy all student response!

5 stars
If you use dry erase boards you will be surprised how much easier gel boards are to use. No smell, no caps, and no erasers! And best of all, my students love them.

Gel Boards

4 stars
These are great to use to see individual responses. The kids need to be taught that the lighter they press down with the stylus the darker the print will be. The only downside of this product is if the kids press too hard, it will ruin the board.

Great idea but lacks quality

3 stars
I was very excited about using this product in my classroom. We frequently use dry erase boards and I chose this product hoping I could substitute these boards and not have to purchase dry erase pens. One of the 'pens' was broken and one of the pens had a rough edge so it scratches the magnetic board. Not sure I would recommend these.

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