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Cozy Pumper - Red

Cozy Pumper - Red
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18 months - 5 years. Pump gas into the cars as they drive around the roads. Three weather-proof fuel buttons that make six fun sounds when kids stop to 'fill up'. There's a hose with a pretend nozzle, and a credit card swipe that can be used with a special cut-out credit card. Two AA batteries included. Made in the USA.

Ratings & Reviews

5 stars
Kids love this pumper to fill up there vehichles. Only thing I am not a big fan of is it is hard to pull the hose out of its spot otherwise very good toy!

The gas pump is so cute!!

5 stars
My daycare kids love the toy. They like to pretend they are filling up gas. The kids play with the toy alot. We are always putting gas in all the little toys.

Great product!

5 stars
These pumps are really great with the cozy coupes. The only problem that we have is that they don't stand upright very well. They tend to tip over very easily.
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