Mobi Numerical Tile Game

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Minority and Woman Owned Business

6 years & up. Bringing numbers to life in a fun, exciting way!

This fast, fun and clever number game by Mobi is a thrilling way to bring family and friends together through mathematics. Just spread the tiles out on any flat surface and see who can make the best equation “pods” and get rid of all of their tiles first.

It’s simple. Each player starts with a certain number of tiles. They must use all of their tiles in each pod and each equation they form must include one “operation sign” and one “equal sign.” The equations in the pod must all overlap by sharing common tiles. There are no limits to the number of “number” and “operation” tiles that can be used, but the left and right side of the “equal” sign must always equate.

The fastest player wins!

Promotes excellent social skills, focus, and basic math skills.


  • 162 Tiles
  • An adorable, durable, whale-shaped storage pouch that allows for easy portability
  • Extensive instructions
  • Several different game ideas