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About the GO FIGURE Approach!

We all want our children to be happy, successful, well-rounded people. With that in mind, our mission is to help parents and children think, explain and write mathematically. Our program is specifically designed to build your child's confidence and ensure his or her success in math.

Each grade level program includes:

  • The Student Book: contains activities for an entire year that enrich the skills taught at each grade level
  • The Parents'/Tutor's Resource Guide: contains extensive explanations for each problem and suggestions to enhance the problem
  • Manipulatives: grade appropriate tactile items such as dominoes, cards, hundreds charts, calculator, etc.
  • Classroom Kits: Contact us for information on whole class implementation

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mathSHAPES is the winner of
The Learning® Magazine
2016 Teachers' ChoiceSM Award for the Family

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mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kit - Grade 4
mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kit - Grade 4
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Grade 4. The Grade 4 program will help you and your children understand the connections between math topics and the real world. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. The problems presented help to strengthen conceptual understanding and to promote their applications. Special emphasis is given to carefully record information and to arrive at reasonable conjectures. Children will become adept at writing numbers in various forms. They will be exposed to "greater… More »

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mathSHAPES Dominoes Example

MathShapes Dominoes