Yarn Leaves

Yarn Leaves

It's the perfect time for some fall decorating, and these DIY Yarn Leaves are a great way to add to your autumn decor! Kids will love participating in this easy and enjoyable arts and crafts activity which is sure to engage them with their creative capabilities. Great for learning in the classroom or at home, this is the perfect activity to celebrate fall festivities!

What Are Yarn Leaves?

Capturing the autumn spirit, DIY Yarn Leaves are a fun arts and crafts activity that will allow kids to express themselves through art while learning about what makes fall so special. This easy-to-complete DIY activity is a quick and simple way to get the home/classroom decorated for fall. Not only will kids get to learn more about the fall season, they will also get to proudly display their fantastic creations for friends and family to see!

How Can I Use This in My Lesson Plan?

The DIY Yarn Leaf activity is not just a prime opportunity for kids to partake in the joy of arts and crafts. It also satisfies kids' innate curiosity surrounding the fall scenery and the changing color of leaves. There are plenty of educational opportunities based around these ideas, making this activity an ideal combination of both fun and learning for kids of all ages!

Toddlers who are engaging with fall for the first time will be excited to learn more about fall and the season's unique qualities. The DIY Yarn Leaf activity allows young children to engage with sensory-based explorations that will teach them more about the changing color of leaves. For older kids, this exercise is a great opportunity to learn more about the science behind the change in autumn leaves' color. DIY Yarn Leaves blend the magic of art with the joy of learning, making for a brilliant addition to your fall lesson plans!

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 Yarn Leaves

Required Materials:

1Cardboard Yarn Leaf

One way to complete this fun activity is to begin by having children wrap their yarn (red, yellow, or both) around a rectangular strip of cardboard. Next, help the kids fold their construction paper in half (folded sideways so that the paper is tall as shown in the video) and have them trace half of their leaf shape along the center fold. Help them cut along their traced pattern on the folded paper so that when the paper is unfolded, the shape of a leaf is in the center of the paper. Finally, instruct the children to place their papers over the yarn-wrapped cardboard and your DIY Yarn Leaf is ready!

2Double-Sided Tape Yarn Leaf

An alternative approach to this activity is to begin by instructing children to fold their construction paper (in the same way as explained above). Have them trace half of a leaf shape along the center fold and help them cut along their traced pattern on the folded paper so that when the paper is unfolded, the shape of a leaf is in the center of the paper. Next, have them line the sides of the paper with double-sided tape running from top to bottom. From here, the kids should peel back the protective layer on the tape revealing its adhesive side. Help them cut strings of yarn that are about as long as the construction paper's width (the yarn should preferably be the opposite color of their construction paper to create more dynamic color patterns; i.e. yellow yarn for red paper or red yarn for yellow paper). After the yarn strings have been cut, kids will be able to run each string across the leaf pattern with the end points of the string being placed on the tape. Finally, have them place another sheet of construction paper (of the opposite color to your original sheet) underneath their creation and use the tape to stick them together. With that, the DIY Yarn Leaf activity is complete!

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