With school districts across the United States dealing with funding issues, many music programs and extracurricular activities are dealing with budget cuts or their funding being cut altogether. Music's effect on learning and the benefits of music in early childhood development should not be overlooked. Reseach has shown that music can help children improve their memory skills, learn to read, and much more. The connection between music and child brain development is only one of the reasons to support music education in your classroom. If you're looking for new music items to add to your learning center or classroom collection, we've got several new music items that can help you integrate music and learning:

1. Juke24™ Digital Jukebox with CD Player & Karaoke

Easily access your favorite music and audio books for circle time with this digital jukebox! The portable device has 4 GB of memory and a digital display, and the karaoke function supports sing-a-long activities and allows for easy recording. You can easily manage your content on the jukebox with the free Juke24 phone app.

2. Battat® B. Jungle Jingles Musical Instruments Set

The six-piece Battat® B. Jungle Jingles Musical Instruments Set features exotic animal instruments that add even more fun to musical play. The 10-Bell Snake Tambourine, Antelope Side Whistle, two Giraffe Shakers, Twister Hand Drum, Snake Stick are all included in the set. Children will love making music with these bright and durable musical instruments!

3. Latin Dreamland CD

Featuring a variety of artists from Latin America, the ten calming songs on this CD will help children relax and ease transitions into quiet time or naptime.

4. World Yoga CD

Using yoga in the classroom is a great way to help children focus, express their emotions, and develop their gross motor skills. The World Yoga CD features 15 songs from around the world to help you and your students relax as you learn various yoga poses.

5. Infant/Toddler Collection CD Set

For children birth and up, this set of three CDs is perfect for young children. Created by Hap Palmer, the songs featured on the CDs promote the well-being of infants and toddlers and encourage the development of physical, cognitive, language, social, and emotional skills.

6. Rock and Roll It! Flexible Roll-Up Piano

The Rock and Roll It! Flexible Roll-Up Piano is a great instrument for older children. The design allows for easy storage and transport. Children can also use headphones with the piano when other children are working or need quiet time. A Roll-Up Drum Kit is also available.

Check out our Music and Video section to view all of the musical instruments and CDs for children we offer. You can also find a great selection of music and movement resource books to help you incorporate music and movement into your lesson plans.