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Texas Standards Based Resource Site (TEKS)

Kaplan Early Learning Company is Your Pre-K Connection! Your trusted partner for Texas Pre-K and Elementary Education success!

Kaplan is proud to extend its long-standing tradition of supporting you - Texas Early Childhood Professionals and Teachers - with this website, which is designed to help you successfully implement the TEKS in your classroom. With the click of a button, you will find the information and resources you need to design and operate a high quality pre-kindergarten or K-5 classroom based on Texas TEKS Standards. In addition, one of the unique features of these tools are the integrated content areas. So whether you are teaching math, science, language arts or a lesson related to technology, Kaplan has provided you with content standards from all of the content areas related to that particular standard. This will help broaden your teaching and the educational experience of your students.

  • Easily find product that meet state standards
  • Helps Teachers use and integrated curriculum approach
  • Facilitates developmentally appropriate materials for specific age groups
  • Encourages engaging subject matter and hands-on learning
  • Scaffold learning in the classroom
  • Prepares students to perform above grade level
  • Helps Principals determine foundational objectives in lower grades to support upper testing grades
  • Aides in identifying product in the Pre-K - 5th alignment that will facilitate learning in sequential grades
  • Outlines products that support tested objectives
  • Identifies product value with objectives that span various grade levels and across the curriculum
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