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  • Deluxe Headset with Gooseneck Mic and In-Line Volume Control plus TRRS Plug
    Deluxe Headset with Gooseneck Mic and In-Line Volume Control plus TRRS Plug
    • Item Number: 89983
    • In Stock
    This headset features over-ear noise-reducing, swivel ear-cup design; soft, washable, and replaceable leatherette ear pads and a soft padded headband. Easy to mark light blue color and exclusive chew resistant, PVC-sleeved, braided 4' Dura-Cord™ for long-term durability and an anti-lice bag.
  • Portable CD Player with Stereo Ear Buds
    Portable CD Player with Stereo Ear Buds
    • Item Number: 89738
    • In Stock
    This Personal CD / CD-R Player is built for extended use both in and out of the classroom, and is a great, economical way to give individual audio and music lessons to students of all ages. This programmable CD player features a 60 second skip protection technology, low battery indicator and digital volume control. Comes with stereo ear buds and will provide the quality and portability you require in a CD Player.
  • Single Tablet Table
    Single Tablet Table
    • Item Number: 33158
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    The angled table top encourages proper sitting posture while using the tablet. An open storage space behind the tablet is perfect for storing headphones, books, and activity sheets. The table top with cushioned support protects tablets from scratches and prevents tablets from being dropped. Secure yet tool-less mounting makes it easy for teachers to remove tablets. Sturdy wood construction easily withstands rigorous, everyday classroom use. Use with IPad generations 2-4. Ships ready to assemble.… More »
  • Mono Headphone
    Mono Headphone
    • Item Number: 11070
    • In Stock
    Includes standard 1/4" phone plug for connecting to cassette players, phonographs, and jack boxes. Adjustable headband for comfort. 5' straight cord. Compatible with items 47618 and 81264.
  • Global Warming Big Box
    Global Warming Big Box
    • Item Number: 51097
    • In Stock
    Help students separate fact from fiction to make informed decisions about products and lifestyle choices that affect the Earth system. Look at the causes and effects of Global Warming as well as ways to help reduce this from happening. 80 readymade screen pages per topic include reading passages, interactive activities, video, audio, crossword, word search and memory match game. For use on both Mac and PC and any brand of Interactive Whiteboard.
  • MACH-2™ Multimedia Stereo Headset
    MACH-2™ Multimedia Stereo Headset
    • Item Number: 89976
    • In Stock
    MACH-2™ is the new deluxe, stylish, robust, versatile multimedia USB headset that will connect to any device with a USB port. Features high quality integrated USB sound, steel reinforced gooseneck microphone with in-line volume control, soft, leatherette ear cushions delivering excellent noise-isolation, and an adjustable, folding headband. Each headset comes with an exclusive chew, kink, and knot-resistant Dura-Cord™ and an Anti-Lice storage bag perfect for everyday classroom use.
  • Deluxe USB Headset with Microphone
    Deluxe USB Headset with Microphone
    • Item Number: 53876
    • In Stock
    A high quality over-ear headset with integrated USB sound, built-in noise-canceling gooseneck microphone and volume control. USB 2.0 compliant, features soft, washable, replaceable leatherette with vinyl ear cushions, noise-reducing swivel ear-cups and exclusive Dura-Cord™ -- the chew and kink resistant, PVC jacketed cord. With its adjustable headband and easy-to-wear lightweight design, this headset is a perfect companion for any USB equipped computer or tablet.
  • Primo™ Polar Expedition Adventure Pack
    Primo™ Polar Expedition Adventure Pack
    • Item Number: 147001
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Get ready to explore a rich and exciting world of adventure and play! Embark on a heart-thumping Artic race with your Primo™ Cubetto bot. Travel by starlight under the Northern Lights or venture through the slick, icy plains, past polar bears and weather stations with the Polar Expedition map. The map features exciting obstacles for your Cubetto bot to navigate. Cubetto Bot, Interface board, and Coding Blocks not included. Map size: 39" x 39". Included: 1 Durable,… More »
  • Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years - Paperback
    Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years - Paperback
    • Item Number: 29208
    • In Stock
    A thought-provoking guide to effective, appropriate, and intentional use of technology with young children. This book provides strategies, theoretical frameworks, links to research evidence, descriptions of best practice, and resources to develop essential digital literacy knowledge, skills and experiences for early childhood educators in the digital age. Paperback. 300 pages.

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