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Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit
Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit
Item: 38014
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3 years and up. The possibilities of discovery are multiplied when rich variables are at children's fingertips. Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit is a laboratory of opportunity to experiment and explore pieces and tools that children can use to create robots. Children can build, create, investigate, and invent while focusing on the process rather than the end product. The kit includes a frosted plastic tray for storage and classification of loose parts and measures 12.5"L x 12.5"W x 2.9"H.
Science Exploration Table
Science Exploration Table
Item: 70903
Status: Ready to Ship December 15
3 years & up. Children can show off their projects, examine up close and display their exhibits easily with this exploration table. There are four compartment areas with 2 acrylic sliding panels that cover fragile nature collections and two removable mirror reflection boxes that insert into each end of the display areas. Shelf storage is accessible from both sides of the table to allow easy access for additional supplies. 24"H x 47"L x 14"D. Accessories are not included. Clean… More »