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Evaluation & Assessment

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Image of e-DECA Assessment & Planning System 2.0
e-DECA Assessment & Planning System 2.0
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E-DECA is the web-based application in which all Devereux Early Childhood Assessments can be entered online by both teachers and parents. The e-DECA completes all scoring, generates reports, suggests research-based strategies for both school and home settings, and stores your data in a secure database. Select to receive research-based strategies that support the Conscious Discipline methodology OR that align with the Head Start Learning Outcomes Framework. Features: score record forms quickly and… More »
Image of DESSA Norms Reference Card
DESSA Norms Reference Card
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The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is a 72-item, standardized,norm-referenced behavior rating scale that assesses the social-emotional competencies that serve as protective factors for children in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Standard scores can be used to calibrate each child's competence in each of the eight dimensions and guide school/program-wide, classwide, and individual strategies to promote those competencies. Nationally normed on 2,500 children, the DESSA continues… More »