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  • Reflection Center
    Reflection Center
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    With guidance from the teacher, children have the opportunity to reflect--to share feelings, hear responses of others, and arrive at a solution. These early experiences lay the foundation for a lifelong ability to reflect on one's own emotions and understand and respond to the feelings and social needs of others. This emotional security gives children the confidence and courage necessary for successful learning and growing. The Reflection Center is a place where two children can sit, face-to-face,… More »
  • Bilingual Feeling Buddies® Self-Regulation Toolkit - English/Spanish
    Bilingual Feeling Buddies® Self-Regulation Toolkit - English/Spanish
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    4 - 7 years. Your number 1 curriculum for school success, Pre-K to 2nd grade!The year-long bilingual Feeling Buddies® Curriculum trains teachers while developing emotional intelligence, self-regulation and life-readiness skills in children. It incorporates literacy, music and movement.
  • e-DECA Annual License Fee
    e-DECA Annual License Fee
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    The e-DECA will require an annual license fee for e-DECA platform which is web-based computer version of the entire suite of Devereux' Center for Resilient Children Assessments, which includes access to the following ages 4 weeks - 8th grade.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and the SCERTS Model (DVD and Booklet)
    Autism Spectrum Disorders and the SCERTS Model (DVD and Booklet)
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    This groundbreaking series recognizes the core needs of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and builds a path toward improved communication and social-emotional abilities. Developed by leading expert Barry M. Prizant and his colleagues, the SCERTS Model outlined in the series and accompanying booklet encourages child progress in three primary areas: Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support. DVD and booklet.
  • SCERTS Easy-Score (CD-ROM)
    SCERTS Easy-Score (CD-ROM)
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    With the SCERTS Easy-Score CD-ROM, it's never been easier to assess and improve the communication and social-emotional abilities of children with autism spectrum disorders. Professionals will quickly complete the SCERTS scoring process and ensure accuracy with: automated scoring and summary calculation, printable forms, side-by-side view of up to four assessments, data export feature, and new Spanish and British English translations of the SAP-Report.
  • DECA Preschool Program, 2nd Edition
    DECA Preschool Program, 2nd Edition
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    This innovative program allows early childhood professionals and families to screen, assess, support, and evaluate outcomes in order to promote resilience and healthy social and emotional development in preschoolers. Kit includes: Preschool Record Forms (set of 40); User's Guide and Technical Manual; Strategy Guide; For Now and Forever Family Guides (set of 20); Building Your Bounce (2 copies); and FLIP IT!®

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