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Social & Emotional

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Image of Activity Mirror Display Center
Activity Mirror Display Center
Item: 89196
Status: In Stock
Children wonder all about the babies they see in this acrylic mirror! The Activity Mirror Display Center offers a captivating experience for young children, inviting them to explore their reflections and engage with images on the write-on/wipe-off plexiglass panels. They will develop a sense of identity and social awareness as they interact with reflections in the mirror. The visual stimulation provided by images on the panels promotes cognitive development as children identify objects, colors,… More »
Image of Growing & Developing Kits
Growing & Developing Kits
Item: 63475P
Status: In Stock
$324.95 - $354.95
Birth - 3 years. The Growing and Developing Activity Kits provide early learning programs with ready-to-use materials that promote early brain development and critical thinking through play! These kits offer growth and development in the areas of fine motor, blocks, gross motor, cognition, sensory, facial recognition, music, and dramatic play. The sets include an assortment of learning toys, such as baby dolls, mirrors, stacking blocks, board books, and sensory balls. Three configurations available:… More »
Image of Mirror Triangle with Five Mirrors
Mirror Triangle with Five Mirrors
Item: 83758
Status: In Stock
6 months & up. Encourage your children to explore their reflections with this exciting Mirror Triangle with Five Non Distorted Mirrors For Various Activities. This triangle or mirror is great for promoting exploration, discovery, imagination, reflection, visual tracking, and social emotional development. Encourage your children to engage in dramatic play, block play, crawling, and more! Some assembly is required. Measures 27"H x 31"W x 16"D.