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Social & Emotional

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Image of Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
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These guides offer families simple strategies to support young children's healthy social and emotional development. Filled with suggestions of everyday activities that families can enjoy together and promote three key protective factors: initiative, self-regulation, and attachment/relationships. Booklets (40 pages) are available in English or Spanish in sets of 20. Copyright 2013.
Image of Emotion Bears - Set of 4
Emotion Bears - Set of 4
Item: 63517
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Birth & up. Children will relate to this lovable set of bears and matching blanket that encourages social emotional development. The four soft and colorful bears will help children identify and label the common emotions of happy, sad, angry, and scared. Have children match the bear to the corresponding color on the blanket, and discuss each emotion. Each bear is 11" tall. Machine washable.
Image of Yoga Mats
Yoga Mats
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Practice yoga and mindfulness to address stress and anxiety, and promote social and emotional learning, physical and emotional health and well-being. High performance, easy care, premium child yoga mat contains no pththalates or heavy metals. These mats will provide a stable, slip-resistant surface for a child's yoga practice. Measures 24" x 60" and is 0.125" thick. Available in three different colors.
Image of Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1
Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 1
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$39.95 - $199.95
3 - 5 years. Inspire children to explore a variety of careers with these five career garments. Features hook-and-loop closures for easy dress up. Accessories and hats are included for all with the exception of the astronaut garment. 100% polyester. Soft, machine washable fabric. Includes: Mechanic, Construction Worker, Mail Carrier, Astronaut, and Chef. Available individually or in a set of 5.
Image of Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up  - Set 2
Career Dramatic Play Dress-Up - Set 2
Item: 32403P
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$39.95 - $199.95
3 years & up. Familiar career garments children can use in role play to explore what they want to be when they grow up. Machine washable. Available individually or in a set of five.
Image of How Do I Feel Journals - Set of 10
How Do I Feel Journals - Set of 10
Item: 36995
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3 years & up. Children will be able to express their feelings and emotions by using the How Do I Feel Journal. Each journal contains 16 pages with alternating writing prompts on each page and a large area to draw. These journals are great for children who are learning to tell their story through pictures, are beginning writers or have been writing for a while. Set of 10. Each journal measures 8.5" x 11".
Image of Understanding Feelings Learning Kit
Understanding Feelings Learning Kit
Item: 63628
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3 years & up. Educate your children on the importance of empathy and compassion with this Understanding Feelings Learning Kit. This kit promotes social and emotional learning, literacy, and collaborative learning. This engaging take-home kit invites families to join together in understanding and identifying emotions. The kit includes a book, learning materials, and an activity card(s).
Image of Mindfulness Learning Kit
Mindfulness Learning Kit
Item: 36517
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3 years &up. Families, children and teachers will enjoy this Mindfulness Learning Kit as children learn to regulate their emotions, techniques to relax and how to keep their mind and body healthy. Activity card(s) included
Image of Fidget Fun Kit - 7 Pieces
Fidget Fun Kit - 7 Pieces
Item: 37361
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3 years & up. Help children stay calm and focused with the Fidget Fun Kit. The wide variety of shapes, textures, and colors in this kit will reduce stress and anxiety as well as provide the sensory stimulation necessary for children to stay focused. The pieces' fun designs will also ensure that children have fun while maintaining their social-emotional health. Item styles and colors will vary, 7 piece set.
Image of Emotion Sorting Boxes
Emotion Sorting Boxes
Item: 63794
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3 years & up. Kaplan's Emotion Sorting Boxes help children identify and sort through their feelings. The set includes 20 scenario tiles and 4 emotion boxes with 4 different expressions. Children will choose a tile, identify what is happening in the picture and how they would feel if they experienced that scenario, and then place their tile in the box that best represents that emotion. Makes a fantastic children's emotional health activity!