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Weather Sensory  Bin
Weather Sensory Bin
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3 years & up. Let children explore weather through this Weather Sensory Bin. Along with lots of materials you get an activity guide co-written by Dr. Laura Bailet. She introduces the sensory bin and fun ways parents, teachers and children can use it. Create a thunderstorm or snow, make a rainbow and explore the textures and sounds of each type of weather.
Miracle Snow Classroom Kit
Miracle Snow Classroom Kit
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4 years & up. Create snow anytime, in any climate with this Realistic Snow Creation Kit for Science Lessons in Any Season! The enchanting snow lasts for weeks, expands up to 100 times its size, is totally reusable, and looks like real snow! Simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparkling, shiny snow! Children will learn about color mixing, mass, evaporation, and much more. The classroom kit contains enough materials for 12 children and the 1 lb bucket makes more than… More »