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Weather & Climate

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Image of Kaplan Weather & Seasons Bingo Learning Game
Kaplan Weather & Seasons Bingo Learning Game
Item: 34603
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3 years & up. Reinforce weather and the four seasons and make learning fun with this bingo game using real images. Playing bingo can enhance cognitive skills such as attention, concentration, and memory. Helps preschoolers develop their vocabulary as they listen to and learn the names of numbers, colors, shapes, or other themes featured on the bingo cards. Playing bingo in a group setting encourages social interaction and cooperation. Preschoolers learn to take turns, share materials,… More »
Image of Play Dirt - 3 lbs.
Play Dirt - 3 lbs.
Item: 63726
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Reusable indoor dirt that is easy to mold with simple clean up. Make tracks, bury and Dig out whatever you choose. Shape dirt and disburse to form different and unique shapes and patterns indoors. Safe and non-toxic formula. Made from all natural materials. Cleanest dirt that is mess and germ free. Other items shown are not included.
Image of Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Item: 51109
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to the ever changing weather with these exciting Weather Basics Early STEM Learning Books with Photos. This set of books discusses different facts about weather and displays high quality photos of the weather. Encourage children to discuss their favorite weather conditions. Use these books to talk about safety during different weather conditions. Paperback. Set of 6 books approximately 24 pages each.
Image of Weather Stones - 10 Pieces
Weather Stones - 10 Pieces
Item: 37167
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Set of 10 colorful stones are engraved with different weather conditions, offering a tactile way to discuss seasonal changes, temperature and daily weather. Also a great tool to reinforce science and language skills. Stones are approximately 2" each. Colors may vary.
Image of What's the Weather Books - Set of 4
What's the Weather Books - Set of 4
Item: 37139
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Teach children about different types of weather with this fun illustrated series. Lyrical, rhyming text and playful, hand-painted illustrations invite young readers to share in each weather condition. Includes educational STEM end matter about the weather and how it helps humans and the earth. Learn about the warmth of the rising sun, feel of the rushing rain, beauty of swirling snow, and the mystery of the whirling wind. Each book has questions at the end teachers can use to further… More »
Image of Miracle Snow Classroom Kit
Miracle Snow Classroom Kit
Item: 95432P
Status: In Stock
$25.95 - $28.95
4 years & up. Create snow anytime, in any climate with this Realistic Snow Creation Kit for Science Lessons in Any Season! The enchanting snow lasts for weeks, expands up to 100 times its size, is totally reusable, and looks like real snow! Simply stir the powder into water and watch it turn into fluffy, sparkling, shiny snow! Children will learn about color mixing, mass, evaporation, and much more. The classroom kit contains enough materials for 12 children and the 1 lb bucket makes more than… More »
Image of Weather Art Kit
Weather Art Kit
Item: 37168
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Enhance your weather lessons with this fun art kit. Children can create a picture of the weather they see outside, from places they have been or weather they learned about in class. The stencils represent different weather patterns including rain, snow, rainbows, clouds and more. The reusable stampers enhance the scene and can be cleaned with warm soap and water. Set includes 10 stencils and 6 giant stamps.
Image of The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
Item: 42227
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Leave your fears of science behind! Respond to children's natural curiosity with over 600 teacher-created, classroom-tested activities guaranteed to teach your children all about science while they are having fun. The result of a nationwide contest, the GIANT Encyclopedia of Science joins our bestselling GIANT Encyclopedia series. 575 pages.