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  • What Will The Weather Be? Book Series
    What Will The Weather Be? Book Series
    $7.99 - $41.95
    • Item Number: 24358P
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    Grades K - 5. This 6 book set covers topics including temperature, humidity, wind speed and pressure, how meteorologists gather data for their forecasts, and the origin and nature of tornadoes.
  • Tornado Alert - Paperback
    Tornado Alert - Paperback
    • Item Number: 24354
    • In Stock
    4 - 8 years. The air is hot and still. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. A funnel-shaped cloud reaches toward the ground. TORNADO ALERT! A tornado is a powerful storm. A big tornado can destroy everything in its path. It can lift a car off the ground or a roof off a house. Read, and find out how, where, and when tornadoes happen, and what you should do to keep safe. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Feel the Wind - Paperback
    Feel the Wind - Paperback
    • Item Number: 24352
    • In Stock
    4 - 8 years. Air is always moving. We can't see air moving, though we can watch it push clouds across the sky, or shake the leaves of a tree. We call moving air the wind. In this book, find out about the wind -- what causes it, how it can be used to help us, and how it affects the weather. Paperback. 32 pages.

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