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  • Adventures Outdoors Idea Cards
    Adventures Outdoors Idea Cards
    • Item Number: 55543
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This card set has been designed to offer portable inspiration whatever the weather. Printed on durable plastic, each pack contains 30 photographs with activity ideas on the reverse. Cards come on sturdy metal ring.
  • Science Adventures
    Science Adventures
    • Item Number: 85431
    • In Stock
    With more than 125 activities, Science Adventures opens up a world of exploration through nature activities in urban, suburban, or rural settings. From Big Step Measuring and Rocks That Write to The Ant Restaurant and How Far Can You Squeeze a Squirt?, the engaging activities in Science Adventures make exploring the environment fun and easy! The authors have adapted the kindergarten science standards set by the National Academy of Sciences to make them developmentally appropriate for preschool children.… More »
  • The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
    The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
    • Item Number: 42227
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Written by teachers for teachers. Contains over 600 theme-based science activities to help children observe, predict, order, and explore. 575 pages.
  • Science is Simple - Paperback
    Science is Simple - Paperback
    • Item Number: 47032
    • In Stock
    Great resource book with 250 activities spanning 39 concepts. From magnets to bubbles, children will be excited to learn about science and the role it plays in their lives. Paperback. 255 pages.
  • Tornado Alert - Paperback
    Tornado Alert - Paperback
    • Item Number: 24354
    • In Stock
    4 - 8 years. The air is hot and still. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. A funnel-shaped cloud reaches toward the ground. TORNADO ALERT! A tornado is a powerful storm. A big tornado can destroy everything in its path. It can lift a car off the ground or a roof off a house. Read, and find out how, where, and when tornadoes happen, and what you should do to keep safe. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Mudpies to Magnets
    Mudpies to Magnets
    • Item Number: 15596
    • In Stock
    224 hands-on science experiments and ideas with step-by-step instructions delight and amaze children as they experience nature, the human body, electricity, floating and sinking, and more. Categorized by curriculum areas, each activity includes a list of vocabulary words and easily accessible materials. 157 pages.
  • Feel the Wind - Paperback
    Feel the Wind - Paperback
    • Item Number: 24352
    • In Stock
    4 - 8 years. Air is always moving. We can't see air moving, though we can watch it push clouds across the sky, or shake the leaves of a tree. We call moving air the wind. In this book, find out about the wind -- what causes it, how it can be used to help us, and how it affects the weather. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Standards-Based Investigations: Science Labs Grades K-2 + CD
    Standards-Based Investigations: Science Labs Grades K-2 + CD
    • Item Number: 25237
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 2. Teach scientific concepts and the inquiry process with hands-on investigations that improve students' critical thinking skills. Students will learn the scientific process and build content knowledge through collaborative group investigations. Scaffolded activities support differentiation and extension activities are included. Each Guide includes a Resource CD with reproducibles. 176 pages.
  • Everyday Discoveries
    Everyday Discoveries
    • Item Number: 42226
    • In Stock
    PreK & up. Self-directed, open-ended activities incorporating daily events and ordinary materials help children easily learn science and math. 246 pages.
  • More Mudpies to Magnets
    More Mudpies to Magnets
    • Item Number: 17235
    • In Stock
    Develop the natural scientist in every child with 260 hands-on science activities and ideas. Build science skills such as classification, measurement, time and space relationships, prediction, inference and numbers. 205 pages.

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