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Our Five Senses Interactive Game
Our Five Senses Interactive Game
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Encourage children to explore the five senses with this interactive, easy to follow game. This game will also help children with identifying facial expressions and parts of the body. Use this game in an interactive lesson about the five senses and how they help us function. Includes 2 game boards, 40 laminated game pieces, an activity guide, and a draw-string bag for easy transportation and storage. Made in the USA.
Sound and Sort Stackers - Set of 18
Sound and Sort Stackers - Set of 18
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18 months & up. Children will delight in all the fun and engaging learning opportunities available with the Sound and Sort Stackers. Multiple senses are engaged while children listen, look, sort, and stack these 18 captivating pieces. A set of activity cards is included listing all of the benefits and many hands-on activities.