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  • Good Clean Fun
    Good Clean Fun
    • Item Number: 19462
    • In Stock
    Good Clean Fun has over 70 of the best games for kids ages 4 to 11. Enjoy playing with your child while stimulating their imagination with memory games, creative play games, conversation games, games about letters, and much more.
  • Zen Parenting
    Zen Parenting
    • Item Number: 17256
    • In Stock
    Zen Parenting offers practical insights into using the Zen practice of non-judgmental awareness to deal with the day-to-day chaos and joy of parenting.The short story format allows readers to easily grasp and apply Zen concepts in their own lives. 144 pages.
  • Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever (Set of 20)
    Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 28684P
    • In Stock
    "Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever: A Family Guide for Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers", Second Edition supports families in understanding what social and emotional health of infants and toddlers is, how to recognize key behaviors, and how to support children's social/emotional health in the home setting in simple ways every day. Set of 20. Available in English and Spanish.
  • Nemours® BrightStart! A Parent's Guide to Reading Readiness (Set of 20)
    Nemours® BrightStart! A Parent's Guide to Reading Readiness (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 29049P
    • In Stock
    Learning to read is one of the major milestones in a child's life, and it's one that parents worry about. This guide gives parents information on how to support their child on his or her reading journey. Now parents of children, aged three to five years old, have the power to ensure their child becomes a successful reader. Available in English and Spanish. Set of 20 guides.
  • The Price of Privilege
    The Price of Privilege
    • Item Number: 28097
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    In this controversial look at privileged families, Madeline Levine offers thoughtful, practical advice as she explodes one child-rearing myth after another. With empathy and candor, she identifies parenting practices that are toxic to healthy self-development and that have contributed to epidemic levels of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse in the most unlikely place -- the affluent family. Paperback. 256 pages.
  • A Mind At A Time
    A Mind At A Time
    • Item Number: 28104
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    Dr. Levine shows parents and those who care for children how to identify these individual learning patterns, explaining how they can strengthen a child's abilities and either bypass or help overcome the child's weaknesses, producing positive results instead of repeated frustration and failure. Consistent progress can result when we understand that not every child can do equally well in every type of learning and begin to pay more attention to individual learning patterns -- and individual minds… More »

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