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  • Chess Men
    Chess Men
    • Item Number: 80515
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. 32 classic Staunton design plastic chess men. Full size 2 5/8" king.
  • Bean Bag Toss
    Bean Bag Toss
    • Item Number: 88966
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. A basic toss game with sturdy plastic game base, 6 bean bags, scoring labels and rules. 2 players or teams
  • MONOPOLY Property Trading Game
    MONOPOLY Property Trading Game
    • Item Number: 26251
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Indulge in a property shopping spree with the classic version of MONOPOLY! Buy streets, houses and hotels and become a respected real-estate mogul. Negotiate and haggle your way to the top. You'll own this town in no time! Go for the hottest, priciest, most exclusive addresses on the board and watch your profits rocket. Includes game board, 8 tokens, 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 1 pack of MONOPOLY money, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, 1 speed die… More »
  • Snug as a Bug in a Rug Board Game
    Snug as a Bug in a Rug Board Game
    • Item Number: 27045
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Work together to find matching bugs and slip them under the rug before the arrival of the 3 stink bugs. Three levels of play add more challenges. Game teaches counting, colors, numbers, and shape recognition, while building visual discrimination and cooperation. No reading required. 2-4 players.
  • Thinking Games - Brain Quest
    Thinking Games - Brain Quest
    • Item Number: 30688
    • In Stock
    Favorite games encourage pre-reading skills number recognition. The Game Where It's O.K. to Be Smart! This fast-paced games help kids develop the skills that they'll need to succeed in school. Since players compete at their own age levels, BRAIN QUEST is designed for children of different ages to play together and it actually makes learning fun! The game for grades 1 - 6 includes more than 1,500 questions on school-related subjects. Teacher's Choice Award and National Parenting Publication Award.
  • Game of Life Junior
    Game of Life Junior
    • Item Number: 32179
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Adventures at the beach or at the zoo--it's your choice! This fun and fast-paced game is just like the adult version, but with four fun colorful vehicles to choose from! The players can pick from the Blue Wheeler, the Pink Cruiser, the Yellow Speedster, or the Green Rider. Keep collecting stars and see how the Action cards and Attractions like the Museum or the Chocolate Factory affect your fate. The first person to get to ten stars first, wins! The game includes a game board,… More »
  • Goodnight Moon Game
    Goodnight Moon Game
    • Item Number: 41092
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Adapted from the classic story, this game lets children improve identification, matching, and concentration skills. No small parts, and no reading or numbers required. Includes versions for beginning and advanced players. Book sold separately. Made in the USA.
  • Sunny Day Pond Board Game
    Sunny Day Pond Board Game
    • Item Number: 31510
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Children will work as a team, building three animals puzzles before the rain comes. Spin the spinner to add pieces to the puzzle. Finish the puzzles before all the rain drops are on the board and everyone wins! No reading required. Learn color matching and cooperation while building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual-spatial awareness. 2-4 players.
  • Five Little Monkeys Game
    Five Little Monkeys Game
    • Item Number: 84686
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This simple to learn game introduces children to counting and strategy. Place all your monkeys on the bed after acting out bedtime activities (brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, etc.) and win the game. Be careful! The spring-action bed could shake your monkeys off at any time. Develops fine motor skills.
  • Dinosaur Escape Cooperative Board Game
    Dinosaur Escape Cooperative Board Game
    • Item Number: 145042
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Get the dinosaurs safely to Dinosaur Island before the volcano erupts! With this game of memory, matching, and speed, children will work together, not against each other, to move the dinosaurs to safety. Players learn skills such as counting, taking turns, and cooperation while moving the dinosaur movers around the board, uncovering the matching dinosaurs under the fern tokens. Help all three lost dinosaurs escape to Dinosaur Island before completing the 3D volcano puzzle and everyone… More »
  • Bilingual Zingo (English/Spanish)
    Bilingual Zingo (English/Spanish)
    • Item Number: 88962
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Bingo with a twist, this game encourages pre-readers and early readers to match pictures and words on game tiles to the pictures and words on their challenge cards. First child with a full card yells "Zingo".
  • The Great Cheese Chase Board Game
    The Great Cheese Chase Board Game
    • Item Number: 32082
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. The Great Chase is On! Start with one player spinning the spinner. If you land on a 1 or 2, move any mouse forward one or two spaces. If the spinner lands on Tiger the Cat, move Tiger one space. Takes turns spinning! If Tiger lands on a mouse, that mouse goes back to the start! Land on the catnip and tuck it aside to use later to move Tiger back one space. Get all three mice to the attic before Tiger gets there and you all win! Includes 1 game board, 4 catnip tokens, 3 mice, 1… More »
  • Stack Up Board Game
    Stack Up Board Game
    • Item Number: 31509
    • In Stock
    3 - 6 years. Cooperation is the name of the game here! The goal is to stack 12 blocks before the Stack Smasher gets to the tower and topples it. With three levels of play, from a simple spin to a tricky task, there will be fun challenges for everyone. Build balance, color matching, hand-eye coordination, and cooperation skills. No reading required. 2-6 players.
  • Scribble Maze Game Set
    Scribble Maze Game Set
    • Item Number: 143765
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. The Scribble Maze Game Set will provide endless fun for kids! Using one of the cups provided, guide the marbles through the crazy maze without letting the marble fall into one of the holes. Playing this exciting game will help improve a child's concentration skills! Makes a great activity for classrooms and learning centers. This exciting game includes 4 game boards, 2 large transparent cups, 2 small transparent cups, 4 marbles in 2 colors and 1 red felt. This educational activity… More »
  • Perfection
    • Item Number: 27317
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Position geometric shapes in the base before time is up! Go beyond the time limit, and all the playing pieces pop out. Excellent for improving coordination and identification skills in any number of players. Includes 9 fun shapes; game unit with timer and pop-up tray and label sheet
  • Yahtzee
    • Item Number: 39951
    • In Stock
    A family favorite for over 40 years. This simple game players throw the dice to build straights, full houses, five of a kind - YAHTZEE! 1 or more players.
  • Sequence Game
    Sequence Game
    • Item Number: 16813
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. When you have five in a row, it's a SEQUENCE. Learn to block your opponents - remove their chips. Watch out for the Jacks - THEY'RE WILD! With a little strategy and a little luck, you're a winner! For 2 - 12 players.
  • Sequence Numbers Game
    Sequence Numbers Game
    • Item Number: 16814
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. The cards have the equations. The gameboard has the answers. Each card has an addition or subtraction equation. Match a card to it's correct answer on the board, then place your chip there. Groups of numbers are color-coded to help with number recognition. When you have 5 of your chips in a row, you've got a SEQUENCE! Learning math is fun when you play by the numbers, SEQUENCE NUMBERS.
  • Sequence for Kids Game
    Sequence for Kids Game
    • Item Number: 16815
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Play a card from your hand, place your chip on a corresponding character on the board. When you have 4 in a row, it's a SEQUENCE and you win! Use a UNICORN card to place your chip anywhere. Remove your opponent's chip with a DRAGON card. Have fun with your friends and family.
  • Bananagrams® Word Game
    Bananagrams® Word Game
    • Item Number: 18011
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. In this unique word game, players use tiles to create words crossword-style. The first player to use all their tiles is the winner. With multiple ways to play, this game is perfect for beginning spellers, as well as more advanced players. No pencil, paper, or board required.
  • Dicecapades!® Kerfuffle!™ Game
    Dicecapades!® Kerfuffle!™ Game
    • Item Number: 145050
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. The laugh out loud strategy game for the whole family! Roll your dice and try to create a pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, etc. or straight by lining up your dice with the dice already on the game grid. Then draw a modifier card on each turn to see if you have to do something silly like "whistle during your entire turn" or "talk in a German accent until the end of your turn," among other silly things. The first player to place all of their dice on the… More »
  • Taco Takeover™ Game
    Taco Takeover™ Game
    • Item Number: 145051
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. Don't Taco 'bout it, play it! Players race against each other to see who can correctly fill their taco orders first. But be careful! If you draw a "La Cucaracha" card, or are dealt an "Antacid" by an opponent, you'll need to dump your taco and start over! Taco Takeover™ is a chaotic, free for all for the entire family. For 2 or more players. Includes: 4 Taco Shells, 75 Topping Cards, 20 Order Tickets, Cloth Storage Bag, and Easy-to-Follow Rules.
  • Monopoly® Ultimate Banking Game
    Monopoly® Ultimate Banking Game
    • Item Number: 145879
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. The Ultimate Banking edition of Monopoly puts an exciting spin on an old classic. Players no longer have to deal with paper money to buy properties or pay off debts. This game features bank cards for each player, Event and Location cards, and a touch screen banking unit that allows each player to instantly make purchases, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Use the unit to easily keep track of everyone's money and transactions, scan property cards, and monitor the market. Watch… More »
  • Imhotep: Builder of Egypt Strategy Game
    Imhotep: Builder of Egypt Strategy Game
    • Item Number: 145902
    • In Stock
    10 years & up. This exciting strategy game by Thames & Kosmos pits 6 players against each other in a fierce competition to build the most powerful Egyptian Empire. As the game unfolds each player will use different strategies to gain the most valuable construction sites and the best building materials to build their pyramids, temples, and more. There are 6 rounds and 1 action allowed per turn. During their turn a player may choose one of 3 actions: excavate a new stone block from the quarry,… More »
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