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Musical Instruments

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Image of TinkerTar Tiger Guitar
TinkerTar Tiger Guitar
Item: 301034
Status: In Stock
The TinkerTar Tiger Guitar is the easiest way to introduce children to the enchanting world of music! The 1-string guitar is the ideal beginner instrument to ignite a passion for music and foster creativity. Children will build confidence and develop essential fine motor skills as they work from simple to more challenging songs. The Kaplan TinkerTar Tiger Guitar includes an exclusive easy-to-follow teacher guide written by music teachers to make playing the guitar and teaching children music simple… More »
Image of Rainbomaker
Item: 300694
Status: In Stock
Multi-colored beads cascade through the clear tube creating fascinating visual tracking opportunities while enhancing listening skills. Measures 16.46"H.
Image of Tube Shakers - Set of 8
Tube Shakers - Set of 8
Item: 300700
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 months & up. Introduce your little to the magic of sound with this colorful set of shakers! A simple turn creates a combination of sound and color that will captivate inquisitive minds. Watch and listen as a rainbow of colored beads cascade through the tube to recreate the gentle sound of falling rain. Measures 3.5"H x 2.25"D. Colors may vary.
Image of Wooden Animal Shakers - Set of 5
Wooden Animal Shakers - Set of 5
Item: 300880
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
12 months & up. Build auditory and cognitive development with these adorable wooden animal shakers. The shakers' child-friendly curves make them easy for little ones to hold, and their soft, pleasant sounds keep little ones engaged and calm. The shakers also give toddlers a great opportunity to enhance their gross motor skills through play. Animal shapes may vary according to availability. Set includes 5 pieces.