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Time & Calendars

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Image of Telly the Teaching Time Clock
Telly the Teaching Time Clock
Item: 301202
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Telly the Teaching Time Clock is interactive and features 2 play modes. Telly teaches kids to tell analog and digital time. In learning mode, turn the clock hands to any time, and Telly the Teaching Time Clock will announce the selected time while showing the correct time on the LCD screen. The minute hand can be moved in 5-minute intervals. In quiz mode, Telly asks your child to move the hands on its face to match the time displayed on its screen. Telly also features a real working… More »
Image of Liquid Motion Bubble Timers - Set of 3
Liquid Motion Bubble Timers - Set of 3
Item: 37359
Status: In Stock
Calming, soothing bubble timers can be used as a transition tool, in science centers, for light table exploration or to relax and relieve stress. Once colored drops have tumbled to the bottom, turn bubblers over to restart the motion. Each lasts for approximately 1 minute. Made from durable acrylic and approximately 6" tall, each set of 3 timers comes in assorted styles and colors.
Image of Original Judy Clock
Original Judy Clock
Item: 9121
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. The Original Judy Clock provides a simple and fun learning tool for telling time featuring moveable hands, visible functioning gears, and an elapsed time bezel. Visible functioning gears maintain correct hour hand and minute hand relationships. Use this clock as a resource to introduce children to concepts of time, motion, and cause/effect. Clock comes permanently assembled. Includes a teacher's guide. Clock measures 12.75" diameter x 13.5" H.