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Complete Pretend Money Kit To Learn Counting and Money Skills
Complete Pretend Money Kit To Learn Counting and Money Skills
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4 years & up. The Complete Money Kit is everything you need to teach important money and math skills. Use this kit in a fun classroom math lesson or add it to any dramatic play center for realistic cashier interactions. For additional learning, assign dollar amounts, and have children count out the amount to you. This kit contains a tray with a lid, 100 pennies, 100 nickels, 100 dimes, 100 quarters, 50 half-dollars, 50 dollars coins. 100 one-dollar bills, 100 five-dollar bills, 100 ten dollar… More »
Double-Sided Magnetic Money
Double-Sided Magnetic Money
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5 years & up. Use this oversized magnetic money set to teach students the concept of money. Children can learn to identify coins and bills, make change and count money with this easy to understand tool. These lightweight oversized coins and bills stick to magnetic surfaces and make classroom demonstrations easy. Set includes 10 pennies, 10 nickels, 10 dimes, 6 quarters, 5 one-dollar bills, 2 five-dollar bills, 1 ten-dollar bill, 1 twenty-dollar bill and a teacher activity guide. Coins measure… More »