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Counting & Numeracy

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Image of 1-10 Counting Cans
1-10 Counting Cans
Item: 89271
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Includes 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cardboard cans with lids. Great addition to a pretend play kitchen pantry. Cans are labeled with numers, words and pictures to reinforce early math and vocabulary skills. Includes Activity Guide. Each can measures 4.25" H x 3" in diameter.
Image of Teaching Cash Register
Teaching Cash Register
Item: 60352
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Learn money and basic math skills as children practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value. Great for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills. The automatic shutoff saves on batteries. Requires 3 C batteries, sold separately. Includes play money, coupon, and play credit card.
Image of Math Foam Dice Assortment - 36 Pieces
Math Foam Dice Assortment - 36 Pieces
Item: 32967
Status: In Stock
The math dice assortment is a set of 36 foam 2" dice containing the following dice styles: 4 Number Dice 1 - 6, 4 Number Dice 7 - 12, 4 Operators Dice (+/-), 4 Six Function Dice, 8 Dot Dice, 4 Dice (+-x), 4 Number Word Dice 7 - 12, and 4 Number Word Dice 1 - 6. Dice comes in a polybag.
Image of Tactile Counting Stones
Tactile Counting Stones
Item: 142483
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The Tactile Counting Stones display number arrays from 1 to 10. These stones are a great resource to introduce and support math concepts including counting, number recognition, subitizing, and number bonds. Ideal for sensory math investigations. Made from a unique stone mix and durable for use in sand, water, and outside. Stones measure 3". Included: 20 Tactile Counting Stones, with two stones of each number 1 to 10.
Image of ECO Math Connectable Bears
ECO Math Connectable Bears
Item: 37662
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to basic math concepts such as counting, sorting and sequencing with this eco-friendly math set. The ECO Math Connectable Bears set includes 10 double sided challenge cards that are simple enough for children to work independently or use the set as a small group. Includes 4 boards, 64 bears and 10 double sided cards.
Image of Feels-Write Number Stones - Numbers 0 - 9
Feels-Write Number Stones - Numbers 0 - 9
Item: 62963
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing young children to number formation. Each stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback. Children will enjoy tracing each number with their finger building important motor-memory skills. Have children run to the number you call out for a fun outdoor learning experience that will encourage children to learn while they play. Each set contains 10 number stones (numbers 0-9) measuring 3.5"… More »
Image of Cones and Covers Set
Cones and Covers Set
Item: 63342
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Bring numeracy to active play! Soil-resistant covers with numbers from 1-10 and 12 colored cones for indoor or outdoor games. Cones are 9" high.
Image of Beginning Sorting Set with Tray
Beginning Sorting Set with Tray
Item: 30993
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
PreK - Grade 2. Math takes on a new dimension with these colorful favorites! 168 soft rubber counters include 48 dinosaurs, 36 fruits, 36 vehicles, and 48 farm animals. Farm animals come in two sizes to emphasize relationships. Includes a round sorting tray. Expand the kit with our other counter sets!