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  • The Very Quiet Cricket - Hardcover
    The Very Quiet Cricket - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 18285
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. One day a tiny cricket is born and meets a big cricket who chirps his welcome. The tiny cricket tries to respond, but there is no sound. The quiet cricket then makes his way into the world, meeting one insect after another, each of whom greets the little cricket with a cheery hello--the hum of a bee, the whirr of a dragonfly, the whisper of a praying mantis. The cricket rubs his wings together each time, but nothing happens, not a sound. Until the day he meets another cricket,… More »
  • The Underwater Alphabet Book - Paperback
    The Underwater Alphabet Book - Paperback
    • Item Number: 12138
    • In Stock
    From Angelflish to Zebra Pipefish, an alphabet of amazing tropical creatures lead us through this important ecological system. Vivid, color illustrations enhance a fact-fillled, entertaining text whicih teaches the young and not-so-young reader about the fascinating life on the coral reef. Illustrations. Paperback
  • Classroom Leveled Library Books - Level U - Set of 29
    Classroom Leveled Library Books - Level U - Set of 29
    • Item Number: 53530
    • In Stock
    Put the best literature in the hands of your students with this Kaplan Leveled Classroom Library! Each title is hand selected with the consultation of a literacy expert. This collection is balanced to contain fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, wordless, and historical fiction titles. Titles are subject to change based on availability. Set includes a storage bin and 30 paperback titles. Note: If a book in the set becomes unavailable, a suitable substitute may be found as a replacement to complete the set.
  • Ox-Cart Man - Paperback
    Ox-Cart Man - Paperback
    • Item Number: 50099
    • In Stock
    Teach children about early American history with this beautiful that chronicles the life of an early nineteenth-century New England family. llustrations reflect the painting style of the period. 4 pages.
  • Will I Have A Friend - Paperback
    Will I Have A Friend - Paperback
    • Item Number: 50248
    • In Stock
    When Pa was taking Jim to school for the first time, Jim said, "Will I have a friend at school?" "I think you will," said Pa. But even his father's gentle reassurance doesn't make Jim feel any better. The other children in kindergarten are scary strangers to him. He's sure that he'll never find a friend...until naptime, when he discovers someone who feels the way he does. Paperback. 32 pages.
  • Weaving the Rainbow - Hardback
    Weaving the Rainbow - Hardback
    • Item Number: 50473
    • In Stock
    How do you make a rainbow? If you are a weaver you can make a rainbow with wool. If you are a sheep you can BE a rainbow. Here's how. An artist raises sheep, shears them, cards and spins the wool, dyes it, and then weaves a colorful picture of the Kentucky pasture where her lambs were born. Hardback
  • Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom, Super Scientist - Paperback
    Crash Course in Forces and Motion with Max Axiom, Super Scientist - Paperback
    • Item Number: 50830
    • In Stock
    What a great idea! Taking a scientific concept, mixing it with a super hero who can shrink to the size of an atom, adding fantastic graphics, writing that is easy to understand, and then putting it together in a 32-page book that is reader friendly. This book is written in graphic format that is a favorite of mine! It makes it perfect for students who are reluctant readers and never seem to finish a book on their own. Paperback
  • Verdi - Hardback
    Verdi - Hardback
    • Item Number: 39838
    • In Stock
    Young Verdi doesn?t want to grow up big and green. He likes his bright yellow skin and sporty stripes. Besides, all the green snakes he meets are lazy, boring, and rude. When Verdi finds a pale green stripe stretching along his whole body, he tries every trick he can think of to get rid of it?and ends up in a heap of trouble. Despite his efforts, Verdi turns green, but to his delight, he discovers that being green doesn?t mean he has to stop being himself. Hardback
  • Bunny Money (Paperback)
    Bunny Money (Paperback)
    • Item Number: 47127
    • In Stock
    Max and Ruby take the bus downtown to buy a birthday gift for their grandma, but they spend so much money on emergencies that they don't have enough for bus fare home.
  • Sea Turtles (Paperback)
    Sea Turtles (Paperback)
    • Item Number: 61377
    • In Stock
    This introduction to sea turtles describes their characteristics, behavior, and life cycle.
  • Ready Freddy Camping Catastrophe - Paperback
    Ready Freddy Camping Catastrophe - Paperback
    • Item Number: 86424
    • In Stock
    Max, the biggest bully in first grade, just can't believe that Freddy Thresher and his best friend, Robbie, are going on a camping trip this weekend. Worse yet, Freddy's sister, Suzie, has bet him a full week's worth of chores that he'll be too much of a scaredy-cat to spend the whole night in the wild! And, even though Freddy is a little bit worried, he sure isn't going to let Suzie win a bet that involves cleaning the basement! Shark head flashlight, sleeping back, tent, and S'more supplies in… More »
  • Cookies Bite - Size Life Lessons  - Hardback
    Cookies Bite - Size Life Lessons - Hardback
    • Item Number: 82141
    • In Stock
    Everyone knows cookies taste good, but these cookies also have something good to say. Each page you will find words and illustrations that have something about life from defining words such as "fair" and "unfair" and what it really means to "cooperate". This book is clever, honest, and whimsical.
  • Night Noises - Paperback
    Night Noises - Paperback
    • Item Number: 82002
    • In Stock
    Old Lily Laceby dozes by the fire with her faithful dog at her feet as strange night noises herald a surprising awakening.
  • Sink And Float - Paperback
    Sink And Float - Paperback
    • Item Number: 83083
    • In Stock
    Sink And Float - Paperback
  • Science Reading Recovery Level 7 Level E (Set of 4)
    Science Reading Recovery Level 7 Level E (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 83079
    • In Stock
    Includes Bees to Honey, Rough and Smooth, A Look At Our Solar System, and How Did You Move Like That. Each book also includes teacher support pages with instructional suggestions.
  • Big Red Barn - Board Book
    Big Red Barn - Board Book
    • Item Number: 92370
    • In Stock
    1 - 4 years. By the big red barn In the great green field, There was a pink pig who was learning to squeal. There were horses and sheep and goats and geese, and a jaunty old scarecrow leaning on his hoe. And they all lived together by the big red barn. Simple, rhythmic text about the cycle of a day on a farm, where a family of animals peacefully plays and sleeps. Board book. 32 pages.

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