Speaking & Listening Skills

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Single Self Portrait Mirror
Single Self Portrait Mirror
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This Portable Speech Mirror supports the development of speech and language skills. Children observe the reflection of themselves and their peers as they practice forming sounds and words. Use this freestanding mirror as an engaging learning aid for speech therapy practice and encouraging self-awareness. Mirror is lightweight, distortion-free, and made of Plexiglas. Measures 8.5 x 11.
Fox in the Box - Rhyming and Positional Words
Fox in the Box - Rhyming and Positional Words
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4 years & up. Introduce rhyming words and positional words with this engaging Fox in the Box - Rhyming and Positional Words with Activities. Children will learn how to follow multi-step directions and critical thinking with this set of fun activities. For extra learning encourage your children to identify the colors of the objects on the cards. This set includes 20 picture cards, 40 double-sided activity cards, and a double-sided spinner. The largest objects measure 3"H.