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  • Large Knob Animal Puzzles - Set of 3
    Large Knob Animal Puzzles - Set of 3
    • Item Number: 32369
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. These colorful peg puzzles will delight toddlers. Peg puzzles are easy for small hands to grab on to and taking the puzzle out and back into the puzzle base enhances hand-eye coordination. Young children will build both fine motor and cognitive skills while enjoying the familiar animals on this puzzle set. Each puzzle includes four animal pieces with knobs for easy handling.
  • Shape Board
    Shape Board
    • Item Number: 80373
    • In Stock
    6 months & up. Soft colorful shapes fit into the circle board. Each shape is attached so you can't lose a piece. Shapes are easy to insert and color coordinated. Surface wash.
  • Toddler Animal Puzzle Buddies - Set of 4
    Toddler Animal Puzzle Buddies - Set of 4
    • Item Number: 63097
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. This animal-themed puzzle set was designed with toddlers in mind. The bright colors and bold features will hold a toddler's attention. The animals are printed on the base for a visual clue, and the three chunky pieces are easy for toddlers to hold and grasp. Each puzzle measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2". Set of 4.
  • Shapes Form Board
    Shapes Form Board
    • Item Number: 70378
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. This brightly colored form board helps children identify basic geometric shapes. Teaching shapes and colors to young children is an important foundational skill. The shapes includes a triangle, circle and square.
  • Peek A Boo Knob Shapes Puzzle
    Peek A Boo Knob Shapes Puzzle
    • Item Number: 63799
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Children will delight in discovering items, making connections, and sparking their imagination while building fine motor skills with this wooden Peek A Boo Puzzle. This puzzle is an exciting opportunity to teach children object permanence or shape recognition. Included is a blank template to create your own surprises for children to find under the shapes. Each puzzle piece has a knob attached so children can easily grip and move them.
  • 12-Slot Wire Puzzle Rack
    12-Slot Wire Puzzle Rack
    • Item Number: 63526
    • In Stock
    Organize puzzles and free up shelf space with this sturdy wire puzzle rack. Holds up to twelve 9" x 12" puzzles. Puzzles not included.
  • Wood Puzzle Rack
    Wood Puzzle Rack
    • Item Number: 4846
    • In Stock
    Store puzzles the easy way with this space saver! Holds 12 puzzles (9" x 12"). Ready to use, no assembly required. Measures 9 1/2"H x 13 1/4"W x 9 1/8"D. Puzzles not included.
  • Extra Large Jumbo Knob Puzzles - Set of 2
    Extra Large Jumbo Knob Puzzles - Set of 2
    • Item Number: 83549
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Extra large knobs make it easy for small hands to remove each brightly colored piece. Matching full color pictures are underneath. These super sized, solid wood puzzles with extra chunky 1/2" thick pieces are the perfect first puzzles. Set of 2 puzzles including farms and shapes.

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