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Image of Nature's Paths Magnetic Leaf Mazes - Set of 3
Nature's Paths Magnetic Leaf Mazes - Set of 3
Item: 300588
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2 years & up. Children can maneuver magnetic balls through intricate, nature-inspired mazes. The Nature's Paths Magnetic Leaf Mazes each feature organic shapes, and authentically-inspired routed paths. Use the attached magnetic wand to navigate the maze's twists and dips while practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Encourage deeper problem solving and critical thinking while solving all three different mazes. Wooden construction and shatter-resistant, clear-view tops make this… More »
Image of Wooden Mazes - Set of 4
Wooden Mazes - Set of 4
Item: 63121
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. These four wooden ball mazes help children learn to visually track moving objects as the ball rolls around the maze. As they play, children will begin to anticipate the path of the ball as they develop critical thinking skills. Designed with large handles for children to easily grasp and manipulate the ball around the maze. Set includes a spiral, circle, triangle, and square. Each measures 8" in diameter.
Image of Active Play Outdoor Kit for Two's
Active Play Outdoor Kit for Two's
Item: 63113
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Rich outdoor experiences support exploration and attempts to move in new and creative ways. Our outdoor kit for twos includes materials that incorporate gross motor development opportunities into a variety of interactive materials. Contents: Froggy Playground Ball, Bollie Playground Ball, Grow It Gardening Set, "Bizzy Bear Let's Go and Play" board book, Little Tuffies truck set of 3, storage container, and activity card(s). Note: Kit components change occasionally due… More »
Image of Active Play Outdoor Kit for Toddlers
Active Play Outdoor Kit for Toddlers
Item: 63112
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. High quality outdoor experiences provide toddlers with activities that build upon their natural curiosity and desire to explore. Our toddler outdoor kit recognizes their developmental needs by providing materials that encourage coordination of movements and large muscle control. Contents: Mini Wiggly Giggly Ball, Textured Ball Set, 6' Parachute with carry handles and storage bag, Baby Clemmy® Block Set, Move Board Book, Storage Container, and Activity Card(s). Note: Kit components… More »