Early Math

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Toddler Crinkle and Texture Magnetic Ladybugs
Toddler Crinkle and Texture Magnetic Ladybugs
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12 months & up.These colorful, textured ladybugs are perfect for introducing important math skills, facial expressions, and color recognition. These ladybugs crinkle and hook together with magnets. Use these ladybugs as counters in a visual lesson about addition and subtraction. Have children count the dots on each ladybug's wings or identify its color. Each ladybug is 3.5" long. Surface wash. Set of 8. Jar included for easy cleanup and storage.
Counting Turtles
Counting Turtles
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12 months & up. Sixteen plush turtles in 4 different colors and 4 designs. Children combine fine motor skills as they pick them up and place them in a row, match them side by side, or learn cognitive skills as they learn to count. Surface wash. Each turtle is approximately 5" long.